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North & South magazine, published from 1997 to 2013, is widely regarded as the best Civil War magazine ever published. Packed with ground-breaking analysis and discussion by a veritable who’s who of leading historians, its feature articles alone are the equivalent of more than 500 condensed books covering every aspect of the Civil War—causes of the war, secession, politics, strategy and tactics, battles and generals, weapons, economics, irregular warfare, the home front, military intelligence, etc., etc.

Whatever facet of the war you are looking for—from Confederate school books to early attempts at biological warfare to wartime journalism to the role of the churches in secession—it can be found in the pages of North & South.

The new digital version is a mini-Civil War library unto itself, with the added advantage of being in the form of searchable PDF files.

The entire 92 – Issues set: $40

“What I like is that you are interested in history, not in propaganda of either North or South.”
Ken White, Dallas, TX

North&South is an outstanding source of information on the Civil War, and an invaluable acquisition for anyone interested in the war.”
James M. McPherson, Pulitzer prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom and past-president of the American Historical Association


Simply add $20.00 to your print or digital subscription and you will receive a link that will enable you to download Series I in its entirety.

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