Each bi-monthly, 100-page of North & South is packed with ground-breaking historical analysis and commentary. A typical issue contains eight major articles plus the regular features: Knapsack (a potpourri of fascinating Civil War facts, Civil Warriors (a look at little known participants in the war: soldiers and civilians, women and men, black and white, slave and free), Briefings (book reviews), and Crossfire (a lively exchange of readers’ letters).


“North & South is an outstanding source of information on the Civil War, and an invaluable acquisition for anyone interested in the war.”

James M. McPherson

Pulitzer prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom and past-president of the American Historical Association

“Truly impressive . . . combines all that is best in Civil War publishing,”

Steven Woodworth

Author of Jefferson Davis and His Generals

North & South is a . . . magic mixture of first-rate scholarship and exciting, creative writing.”
T. Michael Parrish



“Ho hum, I thought, another magazine. But then I saw it, and it’s the best I ever saw. Fabulous!”

Tom Sullivan, Connecticut

“If you read only one Civil War magazine, make it North & South.

Paul Nixon, Los Angeles

“Fantastic. I learned more from your pages in one year, than 25 years of the other.”

John Gorto, Ishpeming, MI

“I have been reading Civil War magazines for many years . . .  I find North & South [to be] the best . . . ever.”

Jean Andra, Logan, Utah

“What I like is that you are interested in history, not the propaganda of North or South.”

Ken White, Dallas, TX

“There never was a Civil War magazine like this.”

Matt Boyd, Austin, TX

UPCOMING ISSUE (Out in August)

Moonlight and Magnolias

Combating the Blockade

Meade Considered (discussion article)

The Mine Run Campaign

Two Brothers

Almost an Abolitionist: Lincoln and the tortuous path to abolition

The Battle of Hatcher’s Run

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